What You Need to Know About PEEK

Biodiversity PEEK students spend time outside observing and wondering about the wild plants and animals we often overlook. Biodiversity PEEK kids do real, meaningful citizen-science using digital photography and an international database.

Through a guided nature journal students develop their own questions, investigate/research some of these questions, share their findings and develop a feasible biodiversity project.

Biodiversity PEEK lessons are interdisciplinary, with a focus on natural science, art, engineering, reading and writing, math, and design.

We’ll get your kids outside with cameras, collecting important data, wondering and inquiring about their own ecosystem, and having so much fun, they won’t notice they’re learning your science standards!

Our kits:

3rd-5th Grade

pre K-2nd Grade

6-8th Grade–Coming in 2018

Biodiversity PEEK is:

• Based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education
See how our lessons align with the 3 Dimensions of Learning.
• Fun and flexible
• Real Citizen-Science!
• Project based learning
• STEM + Art = STEAM
• Fulfills state and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
• Supportive of teachers new to STEM or STEAM
• Perfect for classroom and enrichment use
• Differentiated learning
• Leaving No Child Inside!
• Site adaptable, placed-based learning
• Inquiry-based and student-led
• Collaborative and community supported
• Culturally relevant and globally connected
• Based on the 5-E model
• Problem solving for real world challenges
• Interdisciplinary, including Common Core
• Did we mention that it’s fun and flexible?

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